Professor William Gale

“We turn people who like things with wings into people who are ready to excel in the aviation industry.”

What excites me about the Aviation course, is how these leverage and build the enthusiasm of our students and how Aviation teaching and learning enables our students to achieve their career dreams. It is great to teach students who are motivated, by what they are learning about aircraft and the aviation industry. All of the staff teaching on the Aviation course enjoy sharing their knowledge of the aviation industry. Each of us specialises in some aspect of aviation, for example in my case this is topics such as; aircraft materials and aviation safety. We have the privilege of taking our students to the cutting edge of knowledge and building their skills and confidence. Our Aviation course is very much a community and this makes both learning and teaching fun.   

We challenge and support students to achieve their full potential. Students find that they can do things (e.g. design and simulate a novel aircraft or devise an entire government strategy for the aviation sector) they never thought they could achieve before starting the Aviation course at Leeds. 

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