Dr David Harbottle

As a graduate of chemical engineering, it is a subject that has excited me for many years. Chemical engineers make a real impact in society and as we move into the 21st century, chemical engineers will be at the forefront of addressing some of our most challenging problems in energy, health, environment, water and food.

While the fundamental concepts of chemical engineering remain unchanged, the Leeds programme develops our graduates with the new skills of the modern chemical engineer. It provides education in growing areas such as process intensification, automation and industry 4.0, big data analytics and dynamic simulations.

Our strong partnerships with UK industry ensure that our students are well prepared to begin their careers in a range of industrial sectors.

I joined the School of Chemical and Process Engineering at the University of Leeds in 2014 and I've been greatly impressed by the support of the University and the dedication of our staff to deliver the best teaching environment and taught program for our students. 

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To find out more about my research activities and some of my recent publications, visit my staff page.

If you have any specific questions about the content of the programme, please contact me via email: D.Harbottle@leeds.ac.uk.

For any questions relating to the admissions process and/or your current application please contact our admissions team: pgchemical@leeds.ac.uk (masters) or ugchemical@leeds.ac.uk (undergraduate).