Professor Andrew Mullis

“Everything has to be made from something”, for me these seven words sum up why the development of new materials is important in the modern World and why I am fascinated by Materials Science. From how we will contain the fusion reactors of the future to how we make our vehicles lighter and more efficient, these are challenges that require new materials and that Materials Scientist will be at the forefront of solving.

I have been a Materials Scientist for nearly 30 years, although before this I had a varied career, having completed a PhD in planetary physics and started my research career in hydrogeology. Materials Scientists come from a variety of backgrounds and this is reflected in the Leeds course which brings together Materials Scientist, Physicists and Chemist to deliver a truly multidisciplinary course in which you will study a range of topics from the background science underpinning materials to cutting edge topics in optical, magnetic and biomaterials.

My research focuses on the solidification of metals and I am part of two major research consortia looking respectively at the circular economy for metals and additive manufacture (3D printing) with metals. I also work closely with the European Space Agency and have a microgravity solidification experiment which is currently being flown on-board the International Space Station.

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