Student and alumni profiles

Find out what our current students think about our courses, where our alumni are now and how their experiences at Leeds have helped them in their career.

Name Course Nationality
Adam Qaisar Adam Qaisar Materials Science PhD British
Diarmaid Clery Diarmaid Clery Chemical and Process Engineering PhD Irish
Edirin Agbro Edirin Agbro Chemical and Process Engineering PhD Nigerian
Faidat Akinwole Braimoh Faidat Akinwole Braimoh Complex Particulate Products and Processes CDT British
Gillian Harrison Gillian Harrison Low Carbon Technologies PhD British
Hana Mandová Hana Mandová Chemical and Process Engineering PhD Czech Republic
Ibrahim ElBaba Ibrahim ElBaba PhD in Energy Libyan
Idris Aminu Idris Aminu Chemical Engineering PhD Nigerian
Jayakrishnan Chandrappan Jayakrishnan Chandrappan Chemical and Process Engineering PhD Indian
Jeni spragg Jennifer Spragg Bioenergy CDT British
PhD research in nuclear engineering, Julio Guiseppe Vazquez Chavez Julio Giuseppe Vazquez Chavez PhD in Nuclear Engineering Mexican
Kiran Parmar Kiran Parmar PhD in Bioenergy British
Laura Stoica Laura Stoica PhD in Piezoelectric Materials Romanian
Lee Roberts Lee James Roberts PhD in Bioenergy British
Natalia koniuch Natalia Koniuch Chemical and Process Engineering PhD Polish
Paula blanco sanchez Paula Blanco Sanchez PhD in Renewable Energy Mexican
400X400richard birley Richard Birley Reduction in NOx Emissions and Nitrogen Species Evolution Through Large Scale Coal Combustion With Additives (Provisional title)-CDT Bioenergy British
rob bloom Rob Bloom Novel materials and reforming processing route for CO2 capture and production of readily separated CO2, N2, and H2 from natural gas feedstocks British
Ruth Bush Ruth Bush PhD in Low Carbon Technologies British
Thomas Barber Thomas Barber Chemical and process engineering PhD English