Ibrahim ElBaba

Ibrahim ElBaba

Why I chose to study a PhD at the University of Leeds 

I chose to do this PhD because I am interested in energy recovery from wastes and biomass, and energy production using renewable energy resources.

After I had decided to study in the UK, I conducted a search to find out which universities specialised in energy research and I have found quite a few universities in the UK do! But I discovered that this School at the University of Leeds had research facilities such as the instruments and the laboratories that were very good compared to other universities.

About my research

My research is about Hydrogen production from the catalytic pyrolysis-gasification of waste tyres using a two-stage fixed bed reaction system.

The best aspect of studying at Leeds

The best aspect is my supervisor, Professor Paul Williams. He has supported me from the beginning, I can find him easily when I face some difficulties and he always helps me. Under his supervision I can easily order the materials that I want for my research and also I can use latest analysers.

My ambitions for the future

I am a member of teaching staff at Omer Al Mokhtar University in Libya so my University sponsored me to finish my studies. I will go back to Libya after finishing and resume my position.

My advice to prospective students

In my opinion, Leeds University is one of the strongest universities not only in the UK but also all over the world especially in engineering. So, if you have any chance to study engineering research degree at the University of Leeds, do not hesitate.

Life as an international student in Leeds

As an international student, studying at Leeds is an excellent experience. I have met lots of students with different nationalities and from different parts of the University.