Wei Li

Wei Li

Why I chose to study for a PhD at Leeds

As I grew up, my vision of becoming a professional academic in the pharmaceutical field, with the ability to solve practical puzzles and figure out how these wonderful materials perform such functions gradually occupied my mind. This encouraged me pursue my PhD study in pharmaceutical engineering. Pharmaceuticals are able to save people and that is a common sense. I want to make the utmost of my knowledge and research skills that I have accumulated to improve the quality of people's life as well as make people much healthier. 

The University of Leeds is famous for its top rankings in chemical engineering and pharmaceutical processing, which is what I am interested in. Hence, to work with prominent peers and colleges in a high-quality academic atmosphere is like a dream come true, which urged me to pursuing my PhD degree here in Leeds. I love the city of Leeds too, the people here are nice and friendly. The weather is favourable to me too, the most interesting part is super changing of climate.

About my research

My research It is about optimizing the drying process in pharmaceutical research and manufacture.

The best aspect of my degree

So many training courses are provided for research students to enhance their skills. You can choose whatever course you may be interested in. These courses are usually related to your research work and help you to work faster and more efficient. You will be so satisfied to learn how to use new software and feel more confident when you learn new stuff. You will feel more powerful in your research work once you have these skills.

My ambitions for the future

I would like to involve myself to pharmaceutical industry and make the utmost of my knowledge, targeting support to people in need.

Life as an international student in Leeds

As an international student, the UK has made a fantastic impression on me. The people here are very friendly. Leeds is a city with proper scale which is very convenient for living shopping, studying and working as well as recreation.

My advice to prospective students

If you any problems or questions during your time at Leeds, do not hesitate to discuss them with your supervisors, they are there to help you grow.