Dr Tariq Mahmud

I joined the University of Leeds as an academic staff in Chemical Engineering in 1990 having done my PhD at the University of Newcastle, NSW Australia, and Postdoctoral research in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Imperial College, London.

I have been engaged in teaching core and advanced subjects in chemical engineering, such as fluid mechanics, heat transfer, reaction engineering, process design and computational transfer processes, in the undergraduate and postgraduate levels; all of which are key components of the MSc programme. I also supervise plant design and research projects in our taught programmes.

I am particularly interested in promoting problem-based learning approach and research-led teaching where appropriate. I spent one term at the Iowa State University, Ames US, as a visiting faculty member in 2006, and offered two chemical engineering courses in the year-3 of the undergraduate and graduate programmes. This experience has provided me with a good insight into the US system of teaching and learning methods. 

My research interests and activities encompass mainstream areas of chemical engineering including: (i) chemical process modelling and simulation using CFD and multi-scale modelling approaches, (ii) crystallisation process development, scale-up and control, and (iii) drying of speciality materials in agitated-filter and spray dryers. I have led a number of projects in these areas funded by the UK research councils and industries including Pfizer, AstraZeneca, National Nuclear Laboratories, P&G and Syngenta. We have extensive research links with these and other chemical and pharmaceutical industries. I have also supervised many MSc students' dissertations on these topics. I like to be engaged with professional activities. In June 2014, I organised the 45th Annual Conference of the British Association for Crystal Growth at Leeds as a Committee Member of the association. Recently, I have been appointed as a Council Member of the European Network for Crystal Growth. 

I have always enjoyed interacting with MSc students from all over the world. It is particularly interesting to learn about their home country and culture. I am also interested to hear about the chemical industries in their counties and the future direction of growth in this sector, and how they would apply the advanced knowledge and skills gained in our MSc programme for tackling problems and growth of chemical industry in their home countries. 

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To find out more about my research activities and some of my recent publications, visit my staff page.

If you have any specific questions about the content of the programme, please contact me via email: T.Mahmud@leeds.ac.uk.

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