Professor Timothy Cockerill

Making our energy system sustainable is perhaps the key global challenge of the 21st Century. Our course aims to give participants the essential skills and expertise needed to contribute to this challenge. As fossil fuel combustion will remain an important part of the energy system while the transition to net zero takes place, we cover these key topics too, and look at their environmental impacts.

I’ve been excited about the potential of new energy technologies since 1996, when I starting working on the design optimisation of early offshore wind energy systems. More recently I’ve broadened my horizons to key technologies of the future including carbon capture and storage, hydrogen, and electricity storage, usually working as part of multi-disciplinary consortia. This experience is reflected in the course content, recognising that skills from disciplines beyond engineering must be brought to bear if we are to solve global challenges. I am also a Director of Energy Leeds, which helps me ensure there are strong links between the course content and our world-leading energy research.

The University has a vibrant community of energy experts, many of whom investigate cutting-edge energy topics and/or provide advice to industry and government. Our research ensures we have a wide range of specialist facilities to support MSc projects and teaching. We are also committed to putting theory into practice on campus via our climate plan.

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