Professor Todd Stewart

Professor Todd Stewart


Prof. Stewart graduated with a Mechancial Engineering degree from the University of Saskatchewan in Canada (1989).  

Prof. Stewart worked in the Oil and Gas Industry in Calagry, Canda from 1989-1992 for various consulting companies.

Prof. Stewart achieved his Professional (charterred) Engineering status in 1992 with the Association of Engineers Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta, Canada. 

Prof. Stewart received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering in 1996 from the University of Leeds, Specialising in the Design and Analysis ( stress and tribology ) of Compliant Knee Joint Replacements. 

Prof. Stewart did 2 postdoctoral studies in Joint Replacement and then in Manufacturing where he conducted the first research in indirect metal rapid prototyping towards the design and mechanical / thermal analysis of conformal cooling channels in the application of efficiencies in polymer and rubber injection moulding. 

Prof. Stewart returned to a more Medical Engineering focus in 2000 at the University of Leeds where he is now a Professor of Mechanical and Medical Engineering.  His work has focussed on collaborating with surgeons to provide engineering insight into the functionallity of medical devices.  Achievements in joint replacement include testing of novel ceramic materials under physiological conditions; this work supported the development of Biolox Delta for improved wear / longevity and an international testing standard (ISO 14242-4:2018) for improved joint replacement durability testing.  Achievements in trauma include the first research into the stability of knee joint distraction devices and the first research into the potenial link between surgeon handedness and leg length inequality.  Prof. Stewart was also the first to propose the use of a virtual hip replacement wihin Visual 3D for the timely assesset of localised shear in large cohorts, to pesent the biomechanics and tribological effects of leg length inequality following hip replacement, and to propose methods for the quantitative assessment of bone healing in ilizarove frames. 



  • Research and Teaching in Mechanical and Medical Engineering

Research interests

Prof. Stewart specialises in solving/investigating problems involving the applicaiton of fundamental Mechanical Engineering sciences. 

Prof. Stewart’s research interests lie primarily in Orthpaedics in the areas of Joint Replacement and Trauma.

  • Joint Replacement

Prof.  Stewart conducts research into the functional aspects of joint replacement ( Hip, Knee) (mechanics, fixation, materials, friction, lubrication and wear).   

  • Trauma

Prof, Stewart conducts research into the mechanics and remote monitoring of load support in trauma devices and their effects on bone healing and local joint mechanics (shear). 

For a better idea of his research have a look through his publications  .  Most of his research involves applying fundamental engineering knowledge towards improving the field of medicine.  Most of Prof. Stewart’s research involves direct collaboration with local surgeons in the Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, and staff from the Faculty of Medicine and is supported by the Leeds Biomedical Research Centre that funds healthcare professionals to support fundamental research.

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  • Grade 12 Diploma (1st in year) : - Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology
  • BSc Mechanical Engineering : - University of Saskatchewan, Canada
  • PhD Biomedical Engineering : - University of Leeds
  • PEng¬†Professional (Chartered) Engineer, APEGGA : -¬†Alberta, Canada

Professional memberships

  • Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine
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