Molecular and Nanoscale Physics Research Seminar: AI Cell Sorter

Professor Keisuke Goda (University of Tokyo, Japan) will be presenting a seminar on his research in molecular and nanoscale physics.

AI Cell Sorter


A fundamental challenge of biology is to understand the vast heterogeneity of cells, particularly how the spatial architecture of cells is linked to their physiological function. Unfortunately, conventional technologies are limited in uncovering these relations. In this talk, I introduce a machine intelligence technology known as “Intelligent Image-Activated Cell Sorting” [1, 2] that builds on a radically new architecture that realizes real-time image-based intelligent cell sorting at an unprecedented rate. This technology integrates high-throughput cell microscopy, focusing, sorting, and deep learning on a hybrid software-hardware data-management infrastructure, enabling real-time automated operation for data acquisition, data processing, intelligent decision-making, and actuation. I also show a few ground breaking applications of the technology and introduce its related methods [3, 4]. The technology is highly versatile and expected to enable machine-based scientific discovery in biological, pharmaceutical, and medical sciences.

[1] Nitta et al., Cell 175, 266 (2018)

[2] Isozaki et al., Nature Protocols 14, 2370 (2019)

[3] Suzuki et al., PNAS 116, 15842 (2019)

[4] Hiramatsu et al, Science Advances 4, eaau0241 (2019)

Host: Professor Stephen Evans

All are welcome to attend.