CM Seminar: Multi-scale modelling of micro-structural effects in function

Dr Julian Dean, University of Sheffield.

Dr Julian Dean, University of Sheffield, will be presenting his research - "Pores for thought: Multi-scale modelling of micro-structural effects in function".

Many materials include micro-structural features such as segregated phases, roughness, interfacial strains, grain boundaries and porosity. In some cases, we desire them to improve performance, in others we just do not know what is best. The talk will cover a range of applications from graded properties in permanent magnetics for wind turbines, the effect of intra-granular porosity in multilayer ceramic capacitor materials to the methods of measuring damage of materials exposed to radiation. Combining advanced microstructural generation, with finite element modelling, we have begun to explore how some of these complex microstructures effect the performance and response of different functional materials. The talk will cover how we design the microstructures for use in our finite element modelling packages, how we then go on to incorporate and link to experimental measurements (e.g. impedance spectra, SEM, EDX) and some of our main findings to date. It will also discuss our preliminary work of using a Virial theory and atomic scale modelling to predict the interfacial strains within a material and how we incorporate them directly into finite element simulations in order to observe their effects.

For more information, please contact Dr Satoshi Sasaki