MNP Research Seminar: Dr Jinju Chen, University of Newcastle

Dr Jinju Chen, of the School of Engineering, University of Newcastle, will be presenting a seminar on her research.

Title: Study Bacteria Adhesion and Biofilm Development: Modelling and Experimental Characterisation

Abstract: Bacteria-materials interactions are important for biofilm formation. The formation of biofilms has great impacts on a wide range of industries such as biomedical industries, marine industries and water industries. Therefore, it is important to understand how materials surface properties will affect bacteria attachment on surfaces and biofilm formation. In this study, the extended Derjaguin-Landau-Verwey-Overbeek (XDLVO) theory has been adopted to model how surface roughness and surface topography of materials as well as appendages of bacteria will affect bacteria attachment to material surfaces. These agree with experimental measurement. However, when it comes to nanostructured antimicrobial surface, the so-called surface roughness effect reinforced XDLVO model is not applicable which will be addressed in this talk. In addition, an individual based model has also been developed to predict biofilm formation, and flow induced biofilm deformation, erosion and streamer formation. In this multiphysics computational model, bacteria growth, division, decay, mechanical contact between bacteria cells and adhesion between the bacteria-extracellular polymer substance, as well as flow shear force were implemented.

All are welcome to attend. For more information please contact Dr Lorna Dougan.