Adam Churchman studied for a PhD in Physics at the University of Leeds

Adam Churchman

I've always been torn between the worlds of art and science. But I decided that science was my future, more specifically Nanotechnology, of which the University of Leeds is simply the best place to study.

After my undergraduate degree, I entered a Centre for Doctoral Training programme in Molecular Scale Engineering at Leeds, eventually leading to my PhD project.

I'm now exploring how to develop a drug delivery system out of microbubbles. Science should always aim to improve or facilitate life.

My work is attempting to solve a problem that the drug industry is facing, which is how to effectively deliver drugs that love oil and hate water. Microbubbles themselves are simple, being just gas in liquid and small enough to flow through your blood stream, that developing these simple structures was so appealing.

I enjoy research, being in a lab and figuring out why something works or does not. The concept of drug delivery bubbles is simple, but the goals of the study are very important.

The city of Leeds is a fantastic place. After six years here, I can confidently say that the atmosphere is welcoming and passionate, and both the University and city feel very connected, allowing for both hard work and yet a lot of fun as well.