Lee Wetherill

Lee Wetherill


I have nearly 30 years of Mechanical Engineering experience that encompasses a diverse range of skills and knowledge that includes, precision machining (turning, milling and polishing) tool and mould room engineer, Maintenance fitter, Tribologist and Medical research engineer.

6 years manufacturing components for the packaging industry

1 year tool and mould room engineer - injection and vacuum moulding machine maintenance and manufacture

1 year maintenance fitter - re fitting printing machines, electrical motor systems, water meters and general mechanical sysytems

2 years Tribologist - working to find wear and fatigue properties of gears, medical grade ceramics and metals and specialized fluids

18 years Medical Research Engineer - maintaining, maufacturing and building many bespoke biological systems to test heart, bladder, optic nerve, tissue (human and animal) and cell culturing. Maintaining, manufacturing and building simulation systems to research the properties of wear and longevity of knee, hip and spine prosthesis. 

My new role as Laboratory manager of the Future Manufacturing Processes Research Group within Engineering has allowed me to gain an insight into the concept side of research.

I am able to follow and produce bespoke equipment and research from concept to end use, which is fantastic to be part of. 


  • Responsible for all aspects of the day to day running of the laboratory
  • collaborate with members of the group to produce bespoke applications and devices.


  • City and Guilds Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeship
  • NVQ in Mechanical Engineering
  • NVQ in Mechanical Engineering Inspection