Dr. Hamed Yazdani Nezhad

Dr. Hamed Yazdani Nezhad


I am an associate professor in mechanical engineering with expertise in multifunctional composites, composites manufacturing and composite structures. I am a member of the editorial boards of several journals including the Nature publishing Journal of Scientific Reports. I am also the Editor/Author of book on ‘Composites Assembly for High Performance Fastener-less Structures’, and author of +100 high-impact journal papers and peer-reviewed conference articles in the area of composite materials, structures, manufacturing and development of multifunctional composites with specific research interest in the study of interactions between electromagnetic fields and polymer composites and its utilisation for multifunctional properties tailoring. I have secured multiple fundings from public and private sectors for multifunctional composites research including an EPSRC Joint Manufacturing Hubs grant on Contact-less Dielectric Process Monitoring (CDPM) of Composites Manufacturing (EPSRC Composites Manufacturing and EPSRC Metrology Hubs), Ref. EP/P006930/1, the EPSRC New Investigator project on 'Self-Tuning Fibre-Reinforced Polymer Adaptive Nanocomposite (www.STRAINcomp.com)', Ref. EP/R016828/1, EPSRC DTP grant for 'Microstructural Study of Multifunctional Nanocomposites', Ref. EP/R513027/1, EPSRC DTP grant for ‘Bacterial Magnetosome Inspired Material Discovery for High Sensitivity to Ultra-low Magnetic Fields’, Ref. ‘EP/W524608/1, and the EPSRC Institutional Sponsorship Award for 'Dielectric Activated Resin Cure for Composite Repair (DARCRep)', Ref. EP/P511134/1. I have also led a H2020 European Regional Development Funded project, and numerous direct industrial sponsored projects. 

I received my PhD in mechanical engineering on a collaborative project between the University of Limerick, Imperial College London and Helmholtz-Zentrüm Berlin. I worked at the Irish Centre for Composites Research as a post-doctoral researcher on three consecutive projects on composites materials, MAAXIMUS project funded through EU FP7 grant agreement nº213371 led by Airbus (www.maaximus.eu), Design of Optimised Composites for Impact Applications (OPTCOM) project funded by Enterprise Ireland (grant CF/2013/3012B), and the Science Foundation Ireland funded FALCOM project on a novel adhesively bonded composite joining technology.

I joined Cranfield University in UK in 2016 as assistant professor in Composite Engineering at the Enhanced Composites and Structures Centre, where I developed and led the Multifunctional Composites Joining, Modelling and Repair research group, and established a CPD/postgraduate module on Aerospace Composites Integration Repair & Joining (www.cranfield.ac.uk/CIRJ). In 2020, I joined the School of Science and Technology at City University of London as senior lecturer in aerospace structures, and established the Advanced Composites Research Focused Group with emphasis on field assisted, accelerated composite additive manufacturing and smart composites, the areas that are continued during my current role at the University of Leeds since joining in 2023. I directs the resaerch group/laboratory on Advanced Composites. For further information on this and my lab activities please visit:




  • Fellow, Higher Education Academy
  • Chartered Engineer, IMechE: Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Memberships of committees

  • Academic liaison, Search Results Web results AMS CACRC Commercial Aircraft Composite Repair Committee
  • Member, European Society for Composite Materials
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  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering (Thesis on Creep Fracture Mechanics in Polycrystalline Materials)
  • MSc in Applied Design (Thesis on Bi-material Adhesive Bonded Structures)
  • BSc in Solid Mechanics

Professional memberships

  • Fellow of Higher Education Academy
  • Fellow of IMechE