Nur Dini Zupli

Nur Dini Zupli


I am a graduate in MEng/BEng Mechanical Engineering in the University of Leeds. Currently, I am pursuing my PhD in the area of Engineering Supply Chain.

Research interests

Supply chain management (SCM) has gained much importance in manufacturing practices, where organisations are currently focusing on minimizing waste, reducing production costs, eliminating possible risk and improving product quality. The evolution of SCM has introduced the engineering world to the ideas of green and sustainable supply chains.

Environmental sustainability is currently an important issue for society and so people in engineering business. As climate changes continue to affect people and other living organisms, making engineering businesses more sustainable is essential. My research revolves around environmental sustainability in engineering supply chains. The aim of my project is to explore the feasibility of creating design tools, for use by engineering designers who typically have limited supply chain knowledge, to the visualize implications of early design decisions to ensure more sustainable supply chains.



  • MEng Mechanical Engineering
  • BEng Mechanical Engineering