Francisco Tapia

Francisco Tapia


I am a PhD Candidate in the faculty of Engineering Physical Sciences of the University of Leeds.

I made a masters degree in design and new products development at the University of Guadalajara in my home country during 2014 and 2016. For my final disertation I designed a double sided tape applicator, using participative design methods, rapid prototyping with 3D printing iterations.

My professional experience  include computer aided design,  process engineering, project engineering and operations management.


Research interests

My current research interests are design iteration and rework, complex socio-technical systems, circular paradox, and simulation modelling.

My PhD research looks to develop an understanding of the influence of the design iteration and rework in new products and design processes, considering the vicious and virtuous circles as a complex socio-technical  problem.

Under the guidance of my supervisors Professor Alison McKay and Dr Mark Robinson, I have been working on the construction of a conceptual model considering feedback loops and exploring how to translate this to a simulation model to support design managers in the decision making process. 


  • Masters in New Product Development, 2014-2016. University of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design, 1987-1991. University of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

Research groups and institutes

  • Institute of Design, Robotics and Optimisation