Pravin Smart


I completed a 4 year integrated master’s degree in Medical Engineer, MEng (hons), at the University of Leeds in 2016. During this time I was introduced to biotribology and the importance of surface functionality within the human body. This led me to undertake a PhD at the University of Leeds as part of the Centre for Doctoral Training in integrated Tribology (iT-CDT). 

Research interests

My research interests focus on developing a knowledge base around the use of mucin additives in artificial saliva substitutes to reduce the impact of tooth degradation in corrosive, tribological and tribo-corrosive conditions. Corrosion is an area of concern in modern dentistry and there is interest in being able to prevent tooth loss generally. Healthy people produce saliva which naturally protects teeth under harsh oral conditions, but there are numerous disorders which can prevent saliva production, increasing the severity of tooth degradation. Artificial salivas exist to relieve dry mouth symptoms and remineralise teeth, however protein component within these solutions may provide an additional layer of protection. By understanding the mechanisms of tooth degradation and role mucin has on reducing the impact of this, more advanced preventative therapies can be developed.


  • MEng (hons) in Medical Engineering, University of Leeds, UK

Research groups and institutes

  • Institute of Functional Surfaces