Edgars Kelmers

Edgars Kelmers


Edgars is currently undertaking his PhD on smart knee implant design. Edgars is conducting research on how to optimise the mechanical design of an UHMWPE tibial insert, with the aim to improve future knee implants by embedding sensors and electronics. The research is focused on finding solutions for sensors’ placement, whilst ensuring that the implant provides sufficient mechanical strength to ensure patient safety.

Edgars studied mechanical engineering at Riga Technical University (Latvia) and human biomechanics at KU Leuven (Belgium). His studies fuelled his interest in orthopaedic implant design, project management, and computational modelling. This inspired Edgars to undertake integrataed MSc and PhD within the institute of Medical and Biological Engineering at University of Leeds.

To find out more about the CDT research program and the institute of Medical and Biological Engineering’s research, visit https://regenerative-medicine.leeds.ac.uk/profiles/edgars-kelmers/ and https://www.imbe.leeds.ac.uk/.

Research interests

Edgars’ research promotes the development of instrumented knee implants. The research methods include Computer Aided Design, Finite Element Analysis, prototype manufacturing, and laboratory testing of implant performance and safety. Edgars is particularly interested in implant design improvement with parametric optimisation methods, which apply automated workflows written in Python programming language. His research will also develop novel testing methods to assess implant safety for extreme loading and failure scenarios.


  • BSc Medical Physics and Engineering (Riga Technical University, Latvia)
  • MSc in Medical Engineering (University of Leeds, UK)