William Davis Birch

William Davis Birch


My background is in Mechanical Engineering, which I studied at undergraduate level at the University of Leeds. In September 2019 I started my PhD – an interdisciplinary project between Engineering and Microbiology where I am looking at improving throughput and automation of the in vitro human gut models. 

Research interests

My main area of research involves in vitro gut models – more specifically how the application of engineering design principles can be used to improve throughput, automation and reliability. These models are used extensively for the study of Clostridium difficile infection, evaluation of novel antimicrobial compounds, and studying the development of antimicrobial resistance. 

I have also worked on other multidisciplinary projects in MedTech – most recently, during the summer of 2020 I was heavily involved in the development and testing of a low-cost continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device to help combat COVID-19 in resource-scarce settings.


  • BEng Mechanical Engineering