Having studied Chemistry at the University of York I undertook a year in industry at a pharmaceutical company. This devloped an interest in the power of chemistry to shape technology. I’ve always had an interest in machinery and so tribology (the study of friction, lubrication and wear) is an exciting area of research for delivering chemistry that improves the lives of consumer, through increasing fuel efficiency and reucing emissions.   

Research interests

My research interests focus upon the mechanisms of molybdenum additive breakdown to form molybdenum disulfide. The molybdenum disulfde derived from these additives is an important solid lubricant in automotive engines. The issue however is that these additives are sulfur-containing and this sulfur can poison catalytic converters, leading to increased emissions. In order to alleviate this, it is important for lubricant formulators to understand the mechanisms of molybdenum disulfide formation so that lubricant sulfur content can be reduced.


  • MChem (with a year in industry) University of York