Amin Kassab-Bachi



My name is Amin Kassab-Bachi. A Syrian medical Engineer. I was born in Saudi Arabia in 1987, and I'm now married and have two children. After finishing my engineering degree in Jordan. I worked for about two years, divided between two jobs. The first working as a Field Service Engineer in Saudi Arabia, and the second as a Clinical Engineer in Emirates. Then, I decided to move to the UK and pursue my dreams of learning more about, and contributing to, the field of medical engineering and medical technology through further education and research. 

Academic background

From Sept. 2018

EPSRC funded Postgraduate Researcher at the CDT in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine - Innovation in Medical and Biological Engineering. School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK.

Affiliated with the Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering (iMBE), and the Centre for Computational Imaging & Simulation Technologies in Biomedicine (CISTIB). 

Research project: Integrated Mechanistic and Data-driven Simulation Approaches for Directly Prediction of Spinal Treatment Outcomes During In-Silico Trials


MSc. in Medical Engineering. School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK. 

Research project: Developing a Mechanical Method for Volumetric Wear Measurements in Tapers Used in Hip Replacements


B.Eng. (Honors). in Medical Engineering. Faculty of Engineering, Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, Jordan. 

Graduation project: Control System of a Mimicking Robotic Arm

Research interests

I'm interested in medical technology development and translation in general. Nevertheless, personal interests and previous and current academic endeavors have lead me to develop a special interest in,   

- Orthopedic engineering 

- Medical electronics and surgical robotics

- Computational biomedicine (computational biomechanics, artificial intelligence)


  • MSc. Medical Engineering
  • B.Eng. (Honors). Medical Engineering

Research groups and institutes

  • Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering