Paul Dominick Baniqued

Paul Dominick Baniqued


Paul Dominick Baniqued took his undergraduate studies at Mapua University in the Philippines and graduated with a Joint BSc degree in Biological Engineering and Chemistry. He earned his MSc in Manufacturing Engineering at De La Salle University - Manila after working in the Biomedical Devices Innovation and E-Health Research Group and spearheading the Agapay Project: A Robotic Exoskeleton for the Upper Limb Rehabilitation of Filipino Post-Stroke Patients. In 2018, He is one of the four Filipino researchers awarded with a CHED-Newton Fund PhD scholarship by the Philippine Commission on Higher Education and the British Council in the Philippines.

He is undertaking his PhD research on bio-robotics, brain-computer interfaces (BCI) and virtual reality (VR) within two groups: the Institute of Design, Robotics and Optimisation (iDRO) based in the School of Mechanical Engineering and the Immersive Cognition Laboratory (ICON_UoL) at the School of Psychology.

Research interests

Stroke remains one of the top causes of disability worldwide, with major social and economic costs. Because interventional therapy relies on both repetitive and intensive tasks, a patient’s active participation and emotional involvement play an integral part in the motor re-learning process. However, there is no single effective strategy practised in stroke therapy. For this reason, clinicians implement different approaches to treatment on a case-to-case basis.

I am currently interested on improving the rehabilitation regime by providing an avenue for these approaches to interact. For my PhD research, I aim to develop a multimodal and modular hand rehabilitation system by engineering three immersive technological solutions: soft robotics, brain-computer interfaces and virtual reality to enhance the patient’s overall therapy experience through the provision of rich and engaging stimuli.


  • MSc Manufacturing Engineering (Res. Biomedical Engineering), De La Salle University, Philippines
  • BSc Biological Engineering, Mapua University, Philippines
  • BSc Chemistry, Mapua University, Philippines

Research groups and institutes

  • Robotics
  • Institute of Design, Robotics and Manufacturing