Laura Edwards


I have previously completed a BSc Biomedical Sciences (including a year in industry) and successfully obtained a job working within Histology at York.  During this time I completed the HCPC Registration Portfolio, allowing me to complete my training, gain HCPC registration and become fully qualified as a Biomedical Scientist. I also completed an MSc Pathological Sciences, which enhanced my curiosity about research within a laboratory setting.  It was at this point that I decided to apply for a PhD and I subsequently started looking at the area of research I wished to pursue.  Having gained a Technician's post in Medical Engineering, the integration between engineering and biology peaked my interest.  I subsequently applied for, and was awarded, a place on the CDT Medical and Biological Engineering here at Leeds. 

During my time at Leeds, I have been extensively involved in demonstrating and outreach activities. I love to explain my interests to other people and feel that the enthusiasm and knowledge I have regarding both my work, and other areas of Science as a whole are evident throughout these activities.  I have a real passion to help others, and revel in explaining complex ideas in a more understandable way.  I have also been involved in teaching students in laboratory placements and am highly skilled at changing the way I teach, the language I use and the methods I use to teach complex ideas - ensuring that those at all levels of understanding can learn from what I am teaching.  I quickly adapt to new information and flexible alter my work accordingly, a skill I have used almost everyday over the past few years.   

 After completion of my PhD, I wish to further enhance my career, extending into Intellectual Property, in particular Patent Law.  I am interested in Life Sciences, Biomedical Devices (both synthetic and biological) and also transhumanism technology.  


  • MSc Pathological Sciences
  • BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences