Sufia Fatima


My undergarduate degree was in Medical Engineering MEng from the University of Bradford. Through my course engineering techniques were learned in order to control and modify biological systems, by gaining knowledge of physiology, anatomy and biological science. Through using my creativity, research skills I was able to design various medical devices from crutches for amputee footballers to an incubator for neonates in less developed countries. I was able to understand implanting of biomaterials or artificial organs in the human body.  Through in depth research into hip implants I was able to learn the history of implants, the materials used over the new generation designs and finally tribological factors involved i.e. wear and its effect on the body.  Whilst studing my masters I worked with AFM stydying the glayaction effect on the pulmorary artries. This was project further allowed me research the tribological effect whilst studing the wear rates. 





Research groups and institutes

  • Institute of Functional Surfaces