Louis Masters

Louis Masters


Currently a PhD student investigating defect free manufacturing of Advanced Ceramics materials via a Hybrid Approach, under the Supervision of Prof. Robert Kay. My research involves a hybrid manufacturing platform which combines additive and subtractive methods, and the implementation of in-situ monitoring techniques to identify defects real-time and achieve closed-loop control of the process. This ultimately aims to unlock the full potential of freeform fabrication of ceramic materials to produce high-value functional parts. The project is sponsored by an Industry partner, and we have constructed a Hybrid Manufacturing Platform for them for reasearch and development. 

I graduated from the University of Leeds in 2021 with a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering (MEng First Class Hons), and opted to continue my education with a PhD in Advanced Manufacturig with Professor Robert Kay. For my Masters Thesis I conducted research involving the unconstrained deposition of electronics ciruictry, where I focused on toolpath generation aspects and converting circuit diagrams into coordinate data to instruct a robot where to deposit material. 

Research interests

  • Additive Manufacturing- Material Extrusion 
  • Subtractive Manufacturing – Green state machining of Ceramics 
  • Formulating Ceramic materials for use with extrusion systems. 
  • Computer Vision 
  • Deep Learning for image segmentation 
  • Applications of Advanced Ceramic Materials. 


  • MEng, (2017-2021), Mechanical Engineering, University of Leeds