Alex Gresty

Alex Gresty


After completing my MPhys at Leeds I started my PhD through the Soft Matter for Formulation and Industrial Innovation CDT based at Durham University. In March 2020 I returned to Leeds to start my project with Prof Mike Ries and Dr Peter Hine, in collaboration with The Futamura Group, focussing on understanding the properties of cellulose based films for food packaging. 

Research interests

I aim to understand how to link the microscopic and macroscopic properties of cellulose films and materials, with the end goal of optimising these products so that their mechanical and barrier performance are superior to synthetic alternatives. This work opens up routes to an increase in commercially-available materials that are sustainably sourced, renewable and biodegradable. 


  • MPhys, BSc Physics (Hons)

Research groups and institutes

  • Soft Matter Physics