WiN workshop brings together women in data science

A new event to bring together women from around the world working in networks modelling and applications will be hosted at the School of Mathematics.

The Women in Networks (WiN) Workshop launches on Wednesday February 27th with a three-day programme of talks, workshops and social events. While people of any gender and nationality are welcome to attend, funding was provided to fully finance the participation of 16 women from Europe.

Activities will take place at the MALL building in the School of Mathematics, as well as the Worsley Building and Chemistry West Block. The event is sponsored by the European Cooperation for Statistics of Network Data Science (COSTNET) and organised by grant holder Dr Luisa Cutillo and Professor Jeanine Houwing-Duistermaat.

During the first two days, the first sessions will be devoted to highlighting the main challenges and open questions in the modelling and validation of networks, while the second will focus on solutions to the problems identified. On the third and final day, the afternoon will be devoted to a poster session.

Talks will cover a wide range of topics, such as “Network Inference in Genomics Processing”, “Anomaly Detection in Networks” and “The Micro-Dynamic Nature of Team Interactions”.

Speakers and participants include the two organisers, both from the School of Mathematics, as well as Dr Claudia Angelini (Italian National Research Council), Dr Marta Milo (University of Sheffield), Professor Gesine Reinhart (University of Oxford) and Dr Veronica Vinciotti (Brunel University London), among many more.

COSTNET is a group that aims to foster an international European collaboration on the emerging field of statistics of network data science. COSTNET facilitates interaction and collaboration between diverse groups of statistical network modellers, establishing a large and vibrant interconnected and inclusive community of network scientists.


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