Dr Andrew J. Lee


I oversee the operations of the Bragg Centre for Materials Research covering a broad remit of research activity in materials science at the University of Leeds. I am responsible for facilitating the growth and development of the Bragg Centre, marketing its strengths and growing its brand recongiition as a centre of excellence in materials science. The Bragg Centre is part of the Henry Royce institute for Advance Materials.

I have a background in molecular biology, but took a tangent into bionanotechnology and molecular scale assemblies with my MSc and PhD. The focus of my PhD research was to study the functions of the recombination enzyme, RecA, using atomic force microscopy (AFM) to further its use in synthetic biology and bionanotechnological applications. Here I developed several approches to studying the interactions of enzymes with DNA under the AFM, including the integration of DNA origami as reference structures. During my post doctoral research, I further extended the use of DNA origami within the University as a tool to study a variety of biological systems and developed a DNA-based nanopore biosensing technology capable of counting indiviudal proteins in complex fluids.

Research interests

High Speed Atomic Force Microscopy

DNA nanotechnology



  • BSc (Hons) - Biology, University of Leeds, 2011
  • MSc - Molecular Scale Engineering, University of Leeds, 2013
  • PhD - Bionanotechnology & Biophysics, University of Leeds, 2016

Professional memberships

  • Bragg Centre Member