Dr Kathleen E. Wright



  • Project Manager for a Macimillan Support funded Leeds cancer and non-cancer patient data linkage programme
  • Senior Scientific Officer for a Cardiovascular Sciences group
  • PhD and postdoctoral work in photodynamic therapy (PDT) for use on colorectal cancers & peripheral nerves
  • PhD and postdocotral work in tissue engineering/regenerative medicine in stem and cancer cells, and neural, bone & cartilage repair
  • Public and Patient Engagement work based on a ‘Health Diet for a Healthy Heart’ (https://mymedia.leeds.ac.uk/Mediasite/Showcase/default/Presentation/9dcd872db17141b5a217eed6998841a51d)

Research interests

I provide project administration/management tasks for a range of research projects within the Mechnaical Engineering department. This includes areas of research in the oil and gas industry. These projects are in relation to the effects and prevention of friction, wear and corrosion by using lubricants and coatings. I am also involved in project administration into domestic appliance scale buildup and prevention, as well as other research areas such as artificial hip joint wear.


  • Cert. APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ)
  • PhD in Life Sciences
  • BSc (Hon) Medical Biochemistry (Sandwich)
  • Cert. TESOL

Research groups and institutes

  • Institute of Functional Surfaces