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Condensed matter research at the University of Leeds

Professor Paul Sutcliffe (University of Durham) will be presenting a seminar on his research in condensed matter physics.

Astrophysical and Geophysical Fluids research at the University of Leeds

Ashna Aggarwal (University of California, Los Angeles)

Hand writing equations on a whiteboard

Professor AndrĂ¡s Szenes (University of Geneva) will present his research in pure mathematics.

Oranges being washed in the production line

This online course will introduce you to the fascinating world of food.

3d illustration of chemical structure. Molecules and chemical bonds

Professor Valsami Jones, University of Birmingham. Part of the Physical Seminar Series.

Professor Eugene Terentjev

Ian Ward Lecture 2020 and Stoner Colloquium, hosted by the Soft Matter Physics Research Group

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