Astrophysics Research Seminar: Dr Marie van de Sande, KU Leuven

Dr Marie van de Sande, of the Institute of Astronomy, KU Leuven, Belgium, will be presenting a seminar on her research. All are welcome to attend.

The stellar winds of AGB stars as astrochemical laboratories The asymptotic giant branch (AGB) phase is one of the final evolutionary phases in the lives of low- to intermediate-mass stars. During this phase, the stars are stripped of their outer layers by a stellar wind, enriching the interstellar medium (ISM).

These stellar winds are rich astrochemical laboratories, with more than 100 species detected. Atoms, molecules and newly formed dust grains are all present and participate in a wide range of chemical processes as they move away from the star and into the ISM. I will talk about chemical kinetic modelling of AGB winds, discussing previous developments such as the effects of a clumpy outflow and of internal UV photons emitted by the cool AGB star itself, and my current work on including dust-gas interactions with Dr Catherine Walsh. I will place these models in an observational context, highlighting some of the recent studies of the evolved stars group at KU Leuven.

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