Condensed Matter Seminar: The Normal State of Underdoped Cuprates

Dr Elizabeth Blackburn, University of Birmingham.

Dr Elizabeth Blackburn, University of Birmingham, will be presenting a summary of recent progress in her research. All welcome to attend.

High temperature superconductivity in the cuprates has fascinated scientists for just over 30 years. There is still no consensus on the mechanism, but several ground rules have been observed. Over the last five years, there have been a number of breakthroughs in understanding the normal state from which the superconducting state develops, using a variety of experimental techniques. In this talk, I will outline the current experimental data, pulling together structural information, quantum oscillation studies, transport data, and dynamical studies, and look at how that helps with the larger problem of high-temperature superconductivity, closing with the (many) open questions remaining. For further information, contact Dr Satoshi Sasaki