Harry Clegg


Harry received his Electronic Engineering MEng from the University of Leeds in 2018. During his time at Leeds, he found himself developing a keen interest in embedded systems and digital signal processing. At the end of his undergraduate degree, he decided to stay and pursue an Electronic Engineering PhD at the University of Leeds. He is currently working towards this as a post graduate researcher with the Ultrasound and Instrumentation Group in the School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering.

Research interests

Harry is currently working on the design of next-generation ultrasound imaging and therapy systems.

He is currently developing enabling technologies to allow better high-performance ultrasound systems, which cost less and are suitable for use by researchers from non-engineering backgrounds.

Specific aspects of Harry’s research include the use of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) and Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) for centralised and distributed beamforming algorithms (turning raw digital data into images in real-time), as well as techniques for enabling simultaneous multi-mode theranostics research (where both ultrasound images for diagnostics and high-energy ultrasound for therapy are used at the same time).


  • MEng Electronic Engineering