Zeya Lwin Tun

Zeya Lwin Tun graduated from the School of Mathematics where he studied his masters - Data Science and Analytics MSc.

Building a career in data science

Since graduating, Zeya has been working as a Senior Analyst for the Singapore Police Force. The role sees him applying data science techniques and methodologies to tackle various problems within law enforcement. From his previous experience as a police officer and new-found technical knowledge, he’s able to provide an all-rounded perspective which helps towards developing analytical solutions to support law enforcement efforts.

Choosing Leeds

For Zeya, choosing to study at the University of Leeds began while on a family vacation in Bruges. After being stuck in the hotel room due to his son being sick, he looked through different data science master’s programmes. He came across the Data Science and Analytics MSc programme offered by the University of Leeds. The more he read about the programme the more intrigued he became. The programme offers mathematics modules for students who are not from a mathematics/statistics background and computing modules suitable for students who are not from a computer science background.

Zeya said: “As someone without an undergraduate degree in mathematics, statistics or computing, I was naturally apprehensive about pursuing a data science masters, but knowing that the University of Leeds Data Science and Analytics MSc catered to my needs gave me assurance and confidence to pursue my passion.”

He added: “I was also taken in by the fact that this programme offered much greater flexibility to students in designing the curriculum according to one’s interest, since only two modules were compulsory”.

Experiences to shape

Zeya was halfway through the programme when COVID-19 hit the UK and made the decision to return to Singapore. With arrangements in place, he was able to continue the programme remotely. He said: “Notwithstanding, the challenges I faced with respect to remote learning were also not trivial and I learned a great deal from overcoming them. Apart from time differences, I had to juggle between my roles as a parent and a student, especially during the “lockdown” periods in Singapore.”

He continued: “I had to be extremely disciplined in managing my time to make sure that I did not compromise my studies. I stuck diligently to the ‘sleep-early-wake-up-early’ mantra, a routine I continued to practise till today.”

Advice from a Leeds alumnus

As a Leeds alumnus, Zeya said: “Always expect the unexpected. There will be challenges. They are there to make success taste even sweeter at the end. Believe in yourself that you have what it takes to overcome them.”