A portrait of Aitsam Hasan, he is taking the photo and his arms are not in shot, he is wearing a pink polo shirt and black sunglasses.

Aitsam Hasan

Aitsam Hasan chose to study Engineering Technology and Business Management MSc at the University of Leeds and graduated in 2019.

Life after graduation

Aitsam currently lives in Lahore, he said “After graduation, I got the chance to work in the Lahore office of a German Consultancy firm, during my tenure there I worked on various studies for World Bank and GIZ. I also worked on high-profile government projects. Fast forward three years and now I have recently joined one of the leading inverter manufacturers of the world namely, Fronius International as a Technical Advisor. I am most proud of the fact that I am their first technical advisor for the Pakistani market.”

Thinking back to his time at Leeds he said “My course had a very diverse nature of subjects which helped me to build a diverse network. The seminars which were part of the business subjects helped me a lot with my confidence.”

Sage advice

When asked what words of advice would he share with other students and graduates wishing to pursue a similar career, Aitsam said “I would suggest everyone to focus on building a valuable network. As the University of Leeds attracts the best people all with the aim to excel in their respective fields.”

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