JBA Trust and Environment Agency Studentship Award Scheme

How to apply

This award is suitable for applicants to the following MSc programmes:

To apply for an award, please submit your application using the online application portal.

You will need to upload the following information:

  • Contact details
  • Details of tertiary education
  • Details of your proposed MSc or MRes course
  • Any prizes or awards that you have already accepted
  • A personal statement of up to 250 words stating why you wish to undertake the course and the significance of receiving funding
  • Two references, preferably at least one from an academic tutor


Read the full Terms and Conditions.

Further information

The Studentship Award Scheme supports talented MSc and MRes students wishing to pursue development of their academic experience and qualifications in hydrology and catchment management.

The studentships will be awarded to a small number of students to help towards Master’s degree tuition costs at UK Higher Education Institutions.

Partner institute (name)

British Hydrological Society, JBA Trust and Environment Agency


Year of entry


Internal or external

External (funded from outside the University)