Alaa Alsaqer

Alaa Alsaqer


I am a Lecturer at College of Computer Science & Information Technology at King Faisal University, and a PhD student at School of Computing at the University of Leeds.

Research interests

“Alaa has made a good start to her PhD research on evaluation of toolkits for research and teaching in Arabic Natural Language Processing, and has participated in AI4L Artificial Intelligence for Language research group activities; for example: Alaa participated with others in our AI4L group at LREC’2022 Language Resources and Evaluation Conference, and co-authored a paper “LK2022 at Qur’an QA 2022: Simple Transformers Model for Finding Answers to Questions from Qur’an” in Proceedings of OSACT'2022 Workshop on Open-Source Arabic Corpora and Processing Tools; Alaa presented a paper at ResCompLeedsCon’2022 Research Computing Leeds Conference “Comparative analysis of WEKA and RapidMiner”; Alaa attended IMAN’2022 International Conference on Islamic Applications in Computer Science and Technologies; Alaa presented a paper at AI4EduRes'2023 Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Education Resources, “How to create a coffee machine system with Python”.”, Prof. Eric Atwell, School of Computing, University of Leeds.


  • MSc in Computer & Information Science, Gannon University, United States.
  • BSc in Computer & Information Systems, King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia.