Jarvellis Rogers


Jarvellis Rogers is a Provisional PhD student in the area of research software engineering working alongside the School of Physics and Astronomy to continue the development of the Fluctuating Finite Element Analysis (FFEA) software package for the simulation of biological macromolecules on the mesoscale. They aim to improve the scientific functionality and usability of the software by automating the assignment of protein-protein interactions, refactor and optimise the source code to improve the software’s speed and efficiency, and utilise visualisation techniques to perform these tasks. They are also interested in adding the ability to implement the simulation of viruses to the software.

Their prior background includes algorithm development, computational modelling, home-user computer security, and computer science ethics.

Research interests

Jarvellis’s PhD combines their computer science interests in algorithm development, computational modelling, and visualisation, along with their interest in interdisciplinary research with the field of biology, in particular molecular and medical biology.

They also have a high interest in the ethics of modern computer science, such as the accessibility of human-computer interaction and the socioeconomic/political affairs of current computing technologies. Further interests include biological computing, computer security, graphic design, and virtualisation.


  • MSc in Advanced Computer Science (Distinction), Liverpool Hope University, UK.
  • BSc Hons in Computer Science (First Class), Liverpool Hope University, UK.
  • HNC/D in Computing and Systems Development (Distinction)