Molly Cherry


I am a postgraduate researcher currently in my second year in the CDT in Fluid Dynamics. Before joining the CDT I studied Aeronautical and Aerospace engineering at the University of  Leeds, achieving a first class MEng. Throughout my time in my undergraduate degree, I had an interest in studying fluid dynamics, with dissertation projects on active boundary layer control on wings and multi-disciplinary design optimisation of a strut-braced wing. These projects inspired me to join the CDT in fluid dynamics, where I was given the opportunity to undertake a further dissertation project on the generation of hot-spots in Rapid Compression Machines, completed in July 2019. Since then, my research has focused on biomedical engineering. 

Research interests

Broadly, my research interests are currently centered on computational modelling of blood flow through the human aorta. Specifically, I am focusing on the haemdynamics of the congenital heart disease, BAV, using 4D-Flow MRI to reconstruct patient-specific geometry and boundary conditions. 


  • MEng Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering