Lena Almutair


I am a highly accomplished researcher in the field of bioinformatics, with a solid academic background and extensive experience in developing novel computational methods for analysing biological data. I received my Master's degree from King Saud University, where I achieved a remarkable 4.9 out of 5-grade point average.

Currently, I am pursuing my PhD in the field of medical natural language processing, with a focus on clinical narrative retrieval. My PhD thesis is centred around developing a deep learning approach that utilises semantic features to improve the accuracy and efficiency of clinical narrative retrieval. This research represents a significant contribution to the field of medical informatics, as it has the potential to significantly improve the ability of healthcare providers to access and analyse patient data. During my academic career, I have been actively involved in many academic and professional organisations, including Bioing, Microsoft, and IBM. 

Overall, I am a highly dedicated researcher who aims to contribute significantly to the medical natural language processing field. 

Research interests

  • Deep learning in Health informatics.

  • Medical Natural language processing

  • Computational Biology, especially Computational phylogenetics.

  • Neural networks and machine learning techniques.

  • Mobile development.

  • Cloud Computing.