Shatha Altammami


  • I worked as a teaching assistant and a lecturer at King Saud University before pursuing my Ph.D. studies at the University of Leeds.
  • I received the ‘Best Student Paper Award’ which presented my undergraduate project. 
  • I received the Academic Achievement Award for MSc Students from the Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau in London.

Research interests

I started my Ph.D. at the University of Leeds in October 2018. My project utilizes Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to automatically construct a parallel corpus of Hadith, which is the reporting of different aspects of Prophet Muhammad's life. To accomplish this, we build a domain-specific segmentation tool that annotates Hadith main components, Isnad and Matn. This non-trivial task posses key challenges associated with Hadith structure that require novel methods to overcome them. Once we mitigate these challenges, the corpus will be semantically annotated to link Hadith to the Quran using ontologies predicate logic to create an Islamic knowledge-base. Finally, the produced resources and tools will be open-sourced and integrated into a website dedicated to Hadith and computational studies.


  • B.Sc. King Saud University - Information Technology (with Honours)
  • M.Sc. Cardiff University - Information Security and Privacy (Distinction)