Wissam Bejjani

Wissam Bejjani


Present: PhD student in robotics (supervisors: Mehmet Dogar and Matteo Leonetti)

Masters: Automation and Robotics (TU-Dortmund - Germany)

Undergraduate: Mechanical Engineering (Notre Dame University  NDU - Lebanon)

Visiting researcher: 

  • Learning Algorithms and System Laboratory LASA - 2016 (Aude Billard - EPFL - Switzerland)
  • Institute of robotics and mechatronics RMC - 2015  (Daniel Leidner - German aerospace center DLR - Germany)
  • Vision and Robotics Lab - 2012 (Daniel Asmar - American University of Beirut AUB - Lebanon)

Research interests

My ultimate research goal is to extend the capabilities of robots to operate autonomously and safely inhuman environments. The core of my research concentration spans the area where planning, manipulation, machine learning, and control theory intersect.