Khaled Al-Ghaithi


My background is in both upstream and downstream petroleum engineering  with a BEng in the subject from the University of Leeds.Currently I am part of the CDT in Fluid Dynamics in the University of Leeds. 

Research interests

I am currently working on an MSc project titled the Effect of Viscoelasticity on Spray Performance with two other CDT students. This project aims to study the link between extensional properties of fluids and their impact on spray performance. This is done using the capillary jet break up technique ROJER where high speed imaging of capillary driven breakup is analysed to measure the extensional properties of a fluid and a laser diffraction technique is used to measure the distriution of droplet sizes. We also study numerical models of viscoelastic jet breakup.  

Starting from the 15th of April, I have also been working on my PhD project (Fluid Mechanics of Printed Electronics)  where the optimum properties of base film substrates are investigated using a mixture of computational (using Lattice Boltzmann Simulation) and experimental methods. This project is in collaboration with DuPont Teijin Films who produce base film used as a substrate in numerous electronic devices. 

Research groups and institutes

  • Institute of Thermofluids