Amaal Alhejaily


I am currently a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Leeds, and I have been a member of the Artificial Intelligence for Languages research group in the School of Computing since 2022. Prior to joining the School of Computing, I work as a teaching assistant at the College of Engineering and Science at Al Qassim University in Saudi Arabia, where I also mentored bachelor's degree students in the Computer Science Department.

Throughout my academic career, I have been awarded several scholarships. I received my master's degree in computer science from the City University of New York, Manhattan, USA, During my master's studies, I built a Compiler for JVM in C by using an assembler. My bachelor's degree from Taibah University in Saudi Arabia, also with honors.

Apart from my academic pursuits, I am a friendly and easy-going person. I am also a proud mother of two kids.

Research interests

Due to the incredible advancements in Artificial Intelligence in Education, my research primarily focuses on using deep learning, neural networks, and machine learning to automate programming assessments, by translating text into code.


  • Master of Science in Computer Sciences, The City University of New York, Manhattan, USA
  • English as a Second Language, California State University, Fullerton, USA
  • Bachelor of Computer Sciences, Taibah University, Madinah, Saudi Arabia