Dr Waseem Hiwar

Dr Waseem Hiwar


I am an experimental microbiologist at the School of Civil Engineering with experience designing and performing research in controlled laboratory and chamber settings, as well as in real-world settings such as hospitals.

I received a BSc (2004) in microbiology from Mustansiriyah University, and my final year research was "polymerase chain reaction." Mustansiriyah University awarded me an MSc in microbiology with excellence in 2012. I investigated "bacteriological and immunological aspects of septicaemia in neonates at several hospitals in Baghdad." In 2017, I started a PhD programme with Prof. Catherine J Noakes and Dr. Louise Fletcher titled "Factors Affecting the Relationship Between Microorganisms in the Air and on Surfaces in Hospital Environments." The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) supported this research via the Hospital Optimisation and Infection Risk Assessment (HECOIRA) project, Grant/Award Number: EP/P023312/1; and the EPSRC DTP studentship project, Grant/Award Number: 1955605.


  • Lead the field and laboratory research for the TRACK project

Research interests

I am interested in the emission, transmission, and mitigation of bioaerosols, as well as the relationship between microorganisms in the air and on surfaces. The effect of a ventilation system, air cleaning techniques, and UV light on infection risk reduction.


  • TRACK project, funded by UKRI (Feb 2023 – Present)
  • The PROTECT COVID-19 National Core Study on transmission and environment, funded by HM Government via HSE (Sep 2022-Jan 2023).
  • Far UVC light, two projects funded by DHSC (July2021-Sept 2021) and NHS Scotland Assure (Feb 2022-Aug 2022).
  • HECOIRA project (Sept 2021-Jan 2022), funded by EPSRC.
  • Classroom Air Cleaning Technology (Class-ACT), funded by DHSC.
  • Safe and Effective Antiviral Technology for diagnostics and prevention of SARS-CoV-2.
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Student education

-Redesigning, updating, and delivering Environmental Microbiology lectures to a class of 60 Master's students in various settings (Online and on-campus).

-Co-supervising MSc students and undergraduate dissertations.