Zhengyao Li

Zhengyao Li


Miss Zhengyao Li is currently a PhD student in the Materials and Structures group in the School of Civil Engineering, University of Leeds (UK). Prior to this, she studied Engineering Mechanics (BSc) at Zhengzhou University (China) and Innovative Structural Materials (MSc) at University of Bath (UK). After graduating from the master program, she joined the Australian engineering consulting company Wood and Grieve Engineering (WGE) as a sustainable design assistant, working on the building sustainability evaluation of Australian projects, where she developed professional knowledge in the energy efficiency evaluation of buildings and the delivery of sustainable construction projects. In 2019, she joined the YWL Engineering Limited as a structure engineer and worked on the structural design of HongKong airport tunnel. From January 2020, she started her PhD in the Design of Steel Connections for Timber Modular Buildings, under the external supervision of Professor Konstantinos Tsavdaridis, who is based in the Department of Civil Engineering, School of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering at City, University of London (UK).



Research interests

Miss Li’s research interest and expertise include connection design for timber structures, exploring the possibility high-rise timber structures and aiming to propose a strong and adaptable connection solution for the construction efficiency and structural performance. Her research focuses on static and quasi-static laboratory-based testing of steel, timber and steel-to-timber composite structures, as well as numerical simulations on the global performance of timber buildings. She is also a member of 3DMBC (https://3dmbc.com), a research group focusing on the development of optimised and reusable steel connections using modern manufacturing methods for modular building systems (MBS) aiming to embrace resilience and sustainability in the construction sector. 


  • Zhengzhou University (China), Bachelor, Engineering Mechanics, 09/2013 – 06/2017
  • University of Bath (UK), Master, Civil Engineering, 09/2017– 09/2018
  • University of Leeds (UK) PhD Candidate, Civil Engineering, Expected in 12/2023