Zhengyao Li


Mrs Zhengyao Li is currently a PhD student in the Materials and Structures group led by Dr Tsavdaridis at the University of Leeds (UK). Prior to this, she studied Engineering Mechanics (BSc) at the Zhengzhou University (China) and Innovative Structural Materials (MSc) at the University of Bath (UK). After graduating from the master program, she joined the Australian engineering consulting company Wood and Grieve Engineering (WGE) as a sustainable design assistant, working on the sustainability design of Australian projects, where she developed professional knowledge in the energy efficiency evaluation of buildings and the delivery of sustainable construction projects. In 2019, she joined the YWL Engineering Limited as a structure engineer and worked on HongKong airport tunnel construction. From January 2020, she started her PhD in the Design of Steel Connections for Timber Modular Buildings.



Research interests

Mrs Li’s research interest and expertise include connection design for timber volumetric structures, exploring the possibility high-rise timber modular structures and aiming to propose a strong and adaptable connection solution. Interlocking techniques are employed in the connection proposed in this research to help improve the construction efficiency and structural performance of timber volumetric buildings. Along with members in 3DMBC, she is now exploring the utilisation of Advanced Structural Topology Optimisation (ASTO) in the connection design to achieve optimised performance and reduced weight in 3D printed connection.