Saleh Alhaddad


I am a postgraduate researcher in the Bioresource systems research group, in civil engineering school, University of Leeds.I am funded by my employer, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Researchers (KISR), Kuwait, I worked as a research assistant in a water research center. KISR offers consulting services for wastewater projects including treatments, developments and innovation. 

Research interests

The overall aim of my research is to investigate and assess the levels of methane produced in ‘anaerobic digestion,’ a process that takes place in the digestion of sewage sludge for environmentally friendly outcomes. The benefit is to know the amount of methane inside the produced biogas from an anaerobic digestion reactor so that we can upgrade the reactor in a way to increase the amount of methane in the biogas. This will help to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide release and increase energy, meaning it is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

My research objective is to optimising the ‘hydrotropic-methanogenesis’ pathway which is the last biochemical process in the reactor where the hydrogen is consumed, and transferred to methane and CO2 as final biogas products. I will try to increase the amount of hydrogen at this stage by using biological hydrogen production instead of other energy and costly methods. The more hydrogen that can be transferred in the system, the more methane can be produced. In turn this leads to high methane content in the biogas, resulting in more energy.”


  • Bachelor in civil engineering, University of Kuwait
  • Master of Science in civil engineering, University of Kuwait