James Exley


James Exley is a third year PhD student in the School of Civil Engineering. He holds an EPSRC iCASE studentship partenered with G2O Water Technologies, Ltd. and his research project is entitled "Development of 2D materials for water treatment".

He gained his undregraduate MEng degree in Engineering Science from Wadham College, University of Oxford, graduating in 2016. Specialising in chemical engineering, he gained interest in matters relating to the environment and in particular, strategies for management and remediation of wastewater. James furthered his interests in the environment by following his undergraduate degree with an MSc degree in Polymers, Colourants and Fine Chemicals at University of Leeds, in School of Chemistry, graduating in 2018.

Research interests

James’ PhD reserach focuses on selective removal of textile industry dyes from water, by applying a thin (30 nm) layer of graphene oxide coating onto polyethersulfone substrates using a layer-by-layer assembly approach. It is found that these thin coatings greatly improve the removal rates of dyes, offering fast and effective filtration of dyes from water. The reserach is also focussed on analytical characterisation of the graphene oxides, and adsorption kinetics of dyes onto graphene oxide surfaces.


  • MSc Polymers, Colourants and Fine Chemicals - University of Leeds - 2017/18
  • MEng Engineering Science - University of Oxford - 2012-16