Dwi Hatmojo Danurdoro

Dwi Hatmojo Danurdoro


I am an early-stage Ph.D. Researcher at the Architecture & Urbanism Research Group, University of Leeds.

My supervisory team comprises Professor Gehan Selim as the main supervisor and Dr. May Newisar as co-supervisor. My Ph.D. research topic is: Creative Activities as Temporary Adaptive Reuse of Vacant Abandoned Buildings. This research will explore how temporary activities/events affect the existing identity of the building or space. This is important considering that vacant and abandoned buildings negatively impact, becoming a social and economic problem facing cities today. The activities give a new breath to the vacant space with its attractiveness.

Research interests


Design & Sustainability, specifically regarding the role of the built environment in realizing a sustainable environment, temporary use of a vacant, abandoned building, adaptive reuse, and space configuration, are involved in the above objectives. Environmental Psychology, regarding the influence of interior space on behavior, perceptions, and attitudes.


  • Master in Architecture (2010-2013), Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia
  • Bachelor in Interior Design (2005-2009), Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia